TIP-Fest from artist's point of view

Turku International Puppetry Festival received a visiting performance from Lithuania in November 2023 when KOSMOS Theatre's Kafka Insomnia visited the festival.

Kafka Insomnia's Director Žilvinas Vingelis share their experience from Finland.


How did the performances go in Turku? How is the overall feeling about the performances during TIP-Fest?

It was an amazing experience to share our work with a full house at Åbo Svenska Teater, the oldest theatre in Finland. Since we had to re-film some of the video projections we always recreate in the streets of the city we are performing in, it was a great opportunity to get to know the city of Turku better. The context of the festival itself, the care of the organisers and the other colleagues at the festival were very warm and supportive, and we received a lot of support and positive feedback from the audience. We are delighted that Jouko Grönholm wrote an article about our performance, which was published in Turun Sanomat, the biggest newspaper in the region, and the discussion with Kafka's translator, Panu Turunen, was very inspiring, and we took home a lot of very good and warm thoughts.

Do you find this experience different from other international gigs?

Yes. The main characteristic of this festival is its cosiness and the very open contact between participants from different countries. It's just a wonderful aura that hovers over the festival and you can't learn it or decide it. If I may joke, that's probably why the organisation is called Aura of Puppets.

Did this visit give you new perspectives on international touring? Do you find festival or performance visits abroad more accessible after this project? Or was this experience similar to others?

In fact, after TIP-Fest, we even received several preliminary invitations to perform at other festivals. The details are currently in the process of being finalised. So, yes. We are delighted to be part of this festival and we try to do our best.

Did you manage to meet other inspiring artists or make contacts with international colleagues?

Yes. Since I work in the field of visual theatre not only as a director, but also sometimes as a producer and a teacher, I met a lot of people I already knew, colleagues, and we discussed a lot of things. Also, I had the opportunity to introduce them to my actors and creative team from Lithuania, and to expand our friendship and collaboration even further.

Discussion: Translating Kafka’s work trough visuals, music and words at TIP-Fest 2023 with Turku-based translator Panu Turunen, director of Kafka Insomnia Žilvinas Vingelis and Composer Andrius Šiurys. Facilitated by Taru Tuomisto.

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

Kafka Insomnia at Åbo Svenska Theatre 9. & 11.11.2023
Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa